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About us

 “May’s Cookies” was founded by May Fung, former TV executive who is now retired and had gained great popularity publishing recipes and hosting cooking programs on TV. She has already published several cookbooks, “It's My Treat”, “It’s May’s Treat”, “It’s May’s Feast” , “It’s May’s Time” & “May’s Kitchen” allowing readers to try out her special recipes while learning personal tips and insights on cooking techniques from her.  


The many varieties of cookies available at May’s Cookies are the results of years of digging and collecting of both original and modified recipes from different sources. Baked with higher quality and health conscious ingredients, May’s Cookies are the best choice for gifts, and had been sold out many times especially during festive seasons like Christmas and Chinese New Year.


Besides cookies, May’s also has a variety of signature cakes, all with special and tempting flavours that keep attracting loyal fans to return for more. The signature cakes include Crunch Cake, Green Fairy, Oreo Chocolate Chiffon Cake and Banoffee Pie.



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